Need New PTAC Units Installed? Hitech Central Air Inc. Can Help

Work with your Hitech Central Air Inc. representative to complete a site and product evaluation of PTAC equipment, and when old units need to be replaced, our team can take care of everything for you.

  • Easy Ordering And Replacement: Place orders by contacting your Hitech Central Air Inc. Representative or through our online ordering process.
  • Contractor Management: No need to vet installers; all of our carefully selected contractors are licensed, insured, and background-checked.
  • Consolidated Billing: No third-party invoices.

Regular PTAC maintenance can maximize energy savings and extend the life of your HVAC equipment. To avoid the risk of property damage, electrical shock, or personal injury, turn off and unplug the PTAC unit before conducting any routine maintenance or services.

Recommended Monthly PTAC Self-Service Tasks:

Air Filter

  • Remove the PTAC air filter slowly to prevent dirt from falling back into the unit. For some units, the front grille must be removed to access the filter.
  • Clean the filter with a vacuum or running water.
  • Replace any damaged filters.

Vent Screen

If the PTAC unit is operated with the vent door closed, the vent screen does not need to be cleaned.

  • Remove the front grille.
  • Remove the screws securing the chassis to the wall sleeve and slide the chassis out far enough so the vent screen is accessible.
  • Clean or replace the vent screen, slide the chassis back into the wall sleeve, secure it in place, and reinstall the front cabinet.

Front Grille

  • Remove the front grille and clean it with a dampened cloth.
  • Reinstall the front grille.
  • Inspect the control panel door and plug. Replace both if needed.