Ac Tune Ups & Maintenance In New Jersey

The heat and humidity of New Jersey and summers make it essential to have a professionally installed, functioning, and efficient air conditioning unit in your home. Your AC unit is responsible for cooling your whole home, and finding out it has failed or malfunctioned in the middle of a sweltering summer day can be incredibly vexing and, in some cases, dangerous. It is recommended that homeowners employ a professional technician to perform annual maintenance on their air conditioning units to prevent such a disaster from befalling them and their family

The local plumbers at Hitech Central Air Inc., the go-to company for air conditioning services in New Jersey, are trained and certified to tune up central air, heat pump, and ductless AC systems in local homes and businesses.

Keep your air conditioner in top shape and beat the heat in New Jersey! Contact Hitech Central Air Inc. online or call us at (201) 515-5050 for your AC tune-up.


Preventative maintenance is essential to keeping your system working correctly and efficiently. The leading cause of air conditioning system failure is everyday wear and tear that is left unnoticed for too long. It is easy to neglect your system because it is usually hidden and isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing aspect of your home; but, ignore it for too long, and you will have costly energy, repair, and replacement bills to remind you.

To combat this, call in the experts at Hitech Central Air Inc. to perform necessary annual maintenance services. During an AC tune-up, we run a whole-system inspection to leave no stone unturned. We recommend an annual tune-up and inspection. Make sure to schedule your tune-up in early spring to avoid any issues once the heat settles over New Jersey.

Our regular AC tune-up service includes:

  • Spot checking air ducts for leaks or blocks
  • Cleaning the moving parts
  • Inspecting filters
  • Measuring amperage of the unit to confirm efficiency
  • Checking all electrical connections for loose wiring
  • Making sure the thermostat’s reading properly
  • Check all capacitors for proper size & operation
  • Inspecting fan blades and belts
  • Checking the pressure in the unit
  • Ensuring proper installation

Get an annual physical checkup for your AC! Our professional air conditioning maintenance helps your central air conditioning running at peak performance and can even extend its life.

To get started, contact Hitech Central Air Inc. online or call our technicians at (201) 515-5050 for AC tune-up services in New Jersey

Benefits Of Annual Ac System Maintenance

At the end of your annual air conditioning maintenance service, you will be able to enjoy the many benefits that you would sorely miss if your AC unit to stop working. Some benefits of a tune-up include:


A neglected cooling system steadily loses its ability to keep running at its initial level of efficiency. Dirty filters, for example, prevent cold air from moving through the unit which causes the unit to work harder to push air out into your home, thus consuming more energy than it would have used initially. With our comprehensive maintenance plan, your filter would be replaced, along with many other services, to keep your AC unit working at peak efficiency and your energy bills down.


Similar to the benefit above, professional maintenance is preventative service. It works to catch problems before they get worse. From fraying belts to vent blockages, our specialists can fix small issues during your tune-up, consequently preventing severe damage to your unit and limiting the need for expensive repairs and replacements in your home.


Regular air conditioning unit maintenance adds years to your unit’s life span. Instead of allowing your unit to fall victim to persistent wear and tear that would slowly shave off efficiency and functioning components, getting a tune-up would ensure that the unit would be safe to operate for a longer period.

Enjoy cool home comfort all year round with maximum energy efficiency and lower utility bills. You CAN have it all! Contact Hitech Central Air Inc. for air conditioning service in New Jersey.


Hitech Central Air Inc. provides excellent air conditioning maintenance, thermostat installations and checks, and indoor air quality services to New Jersey residents at low prices.